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Beurer Infra Red Lamp

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Product Overview


Studies have confirmed that using infrared lamps have many different health and wellbeing benefits, including relaxing muscles and increasing flexibility, improving blood circulation and easing joint stiffness and pain.

The Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp allows you to enjoy the many positive effects of infrared light in the comfort of your own home.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Intensive infrared light
  • Exclusive modern design
  • Adjustable screen: 5 tilt positions
  • Anti-slip base foot
  • 150 watt
  • Provide the simplest way of delivering warm and healing infrared heat.
  • Mains operated

The Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp works by emitting infrared light energy to the skin, delivering higher levels of oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells. This can help to accelerate the healing progress and contribute towards general wellbeing.

With five tilt positions to help treat the affected area easily, the Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp enables the user to tailor the lamp to their needs. The small and practical design makes it convenient to use on any body part.