Kneease - Knee Pain Therapy Device


Product Overview

  • Reduces pain and stiffness

  • Affordable, painless and easy to use

  • Drug free and no side effects

  • Recommended by many doctors


Kneease is a Class IIa Medical Device for pain relief which uses proven vibration therapy to help relieve knee pain. This small, lightweight, easy to use device targets knee pain and is proven to:

  • Reduce knee pain
  • Reduce knee stiffness
  • Improve your mobility


Kneease starts to relieve knee pain at the touch of a button.
The device generates high-frequency vibration to pass shockwaves through the skin to the knee tendon. This vibration in the body causes the pain signal to be blocked on its way to the brain.
This happens because the spinal column is unable to carry both the pain signal and vibration signal at the same time - so giving you a pain relieving effect. This is a treatment option approved by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.
The device is strapped to your knee with a velcro strap and turned on with a simple on/off button. Treatment time is around 10 minutes and you can even wear the device under clothes and remain mobile during use.

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