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3 Piece Bath Loofah Set

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Product Overview

A perfect way to exfoliate dead skin helping to promote blood circulation for smoother, better toned skin


Loofah is a natural vegetable sponge. Once wet, it softens and gently exfoliates. Use as a gentle scrubber or for a whole body massage. It is also an important Chinese herb, there is an account of the healthful function of loofah in compendium of material medica by li shi zhen, a well-known doctor in ancient east asia


It is a very soft, perfect sponge for a light peeling without irritating the skin. You can use it morning and evening with a little soap or a shower gel.

After use, rinse it with clear water and make it dry, thus it will only have to be replaced approximately three months after purchase.


The popularity of loofah for personal hygiene products is due to the gentle exfoliating effect the fibers have on the skin. Many environmentally conscious consumers appreciate that luffa products are biodegradable, natural, and a renewable resource.


Set of 3 is made up of a mitten, sponge and back strap.