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Animal Jigsaws

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Product Overview

The ability to concentrate as you get older, in conjunction perhaps with a diminishing memory, can be upsetting and frustrating, which is why have this colourful and stimulating jigsaw puzzle as a leisure and outdoor aid.

Available in a fox or cat design, the jigsaw is made up of 160 pieces of robust, easy-to-piece together wood. The design is so interesting, and the colours so vibrant, they will hold the attention of the person making the jigsaw and motivate them to want to finish it.

This is the ideal activity to help stimulate the mind while at the same time improving memory and dexterity. The wooden pieces are easy to fit, which avoids frustration, and the sense of achievement when the jigsaw is finished is a great added bonus. 

  • The Lifemax Jigsaw puzzle is both stimulating and therapeutic
  • Made from robust wooden pieces
  • This mobility aid has vibrant colours which are easy to see
  • Engages the mind and aids concentration
  • Easy-fit pieces to avoid frustration