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Breaze Vapour Oil

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Product Overview

Our fast acting, non-drowsy, vapour oil soothes an itchy, stuffy nose and helps you breathe easier. 80% of people who tried the Breaze Vapour Oil during the hayfever season said it helped them to cope better. Just add a few drops to a tissue or hanky and inhale for instant comfort anytime, anywhere – comes in a convenient 10ml dropper bottle for use on the go. Vegan friendly formulation. The Breaze Allergy Barrier Balm is another fast action, non-drowsy formulation which traps pollen and other airborne allergens before they get up your nose. Contains rapeseed and coconut wax.


Alternatively try our Breaze pillowcases which provide a continual release of soothing vapours all through the night while you sleep. Infused with millions of microscopic capsules filled with Breaze vapour oil, as your head comes into contact with the pillow and moves during sleep, the micro-capsules rupture releasing a continual burst of soothing vapours to ease your itchy, stuffy nose, helping you to breathe more clearly and get a better night’s sleep. Each pillowcase provides up to 14 nights clear, easy breathing all night long.