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EMS Supportiv Knee Support

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Product Overview

Put the ease back into your knees with the EMS Knee Support. When pain and inflammation in your knee stops you from moving comfortably, the EMS Knee Support can offer the relief you need.

This knee massaging support provides targeted Electronic Muscle Stimulation to help ease chronic pain, stiffness and discomfort. It features ergonomic EMS pads which stimulate the nerve endings to increase circulation, decrease swelling and boost mobility.

Chargeable via USB and with a handy charging indicator on the control area, the EMS Knee Support is incredibly easy to use as and when you need it. Simply connect the massage control with the magnetic clasp on the EMS pad. Spray the conductive pad with water, slip the knee support on and long-press the power button to enjoy almost instant relief. The + and - buttons on the control adjust the intensity of the massage, with 15 levels to choose from. Switch between 5 massage modes with a short press of the power button.