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Liteway Tri-Walker with Seat

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Product Overview

The Liteway Tri-Walker is a 3-wheel walking aid combining ease of use with a comfortable place to relax when you need a breather. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Liteway is a sturdy and comfortable rolling walking aid designed to encourage a natural gait and good posture as you walk.

The tri-wheel design of this walker offers more responsive control and the frame is stable and lightweight for convenience. The ergonomic handles on the frame are friendly to arthritic or painful hands and wrists, so you can enjoy those days out with friends and family in comfort, with intuitive cable brakes also included for full control. Squeeze the lever up to engage the brakes or push down on the brake to lock them in place for extra stability on steeper inclines, lending you the reassurance you need for travelling outdoors. Light reflectors are fitted to the front PVC wheel to keep you safe and seen in low light conditions too, making this a reliably safe tri-walker for all of your travel needs.

The collapsible design weighs just 6.5kg, so you will find it easy to lift the Liteway into the boot of a car or a convenient storage space. The quick-fold mechanism enables you to easily fold the tri-walker - simply pull the seat handle upwards and the frame will collapse inwards.

The Liteway Tri-Walker is fully height-adjustable with a simple to use push-pin system to help you find the right set-up for safe and relaxed travel. Ensuring the correct height of walking aids is important to ensure walking is comfortable and your posture is the best it can be.

The Liteway stands out from the crowd as one of the only tri-walkers on the market to include a comfortable seat with supportive backrest. You will find the seat is ideal for taking a quick break while out and about or if you are in a standing-only situation where there is no seating provided. The seat is fitted with a supportive, ergonomic backrest and seating area, while the multiple storage pockets and wallets help you keep the essentials close at hand when you need them.