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Safety Stool with Handle

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Product Overview

Stepping in and out of the bath, reaching into your highest cupboards, changing a lightbulb. If you’re unsure on your feet, the One Step Safety Stool makes it all a whole lot easier. And safer!

The One Step Safety Stool is a sturdy tubular steel frame with non-slip rubber ferrules and a fluted rubber-covered top, offering a stable platform to step up and down from. 

The weight capacity is 150kg, and the platform itself is wide at 46.2cm, so you’ll feel more than comfortable stepping on and off. Rubber ferrules keep the One Step Safety Stool firmly in place, while the rubber handgrip is gentle to weaker hands and wrists. 

The One Step Safety Stool gives you an extra 27cm (11 inch) in height, cutting down the height of troublesome thresholds and helping you to reach those cupboards that are normally just out of reach.