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Ez Fold N Go Rollator - Black Walnut

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Product Overview

  • FOLDABLE COMPACT ROLLATOR: The Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator folds 3 times smaller than average rollators making this rollator walker portable and easy to store; easily collapse the 4 wheel walker like an umbrella stroller with the touch of a finger, making it easy to stash in your car or shopping cart; use the included lock buckle to keep the rollator compactly folded.


  • CONVENIENT PERCH SEAT: Measuring 47 by 13 centimetres, the sturdy non-slip travel seat can safely support up to 113 kilograms; the compact perch seat and full back rest strap offers the user a place to sit for a quick rest while traveling, at the store, or while waiting for a table at a favorite restaurant; the small profile seat allows the rollator to have maximum portability while in use or folded.

  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Customize the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator to your individual comfort and height; the padded handles can be adjusted from 83 to 91 centimetres from the floor, making the 4 wheel rollator compatible with a variety of heights; please adjust the handle height to match the height of your wrist when your arm is extended down.


  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Easily use the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator when traveling, running errands, or getting around the house; the 15 centimetre wheels provide stability and security when walking inside or outdoors, control your own movement with the rear locking brakes; the lightweight, 6.8 kilogram frame is easy to load and unload from a vehicle or overhead airplane compartment; keep personal items close by with the included front organizer pouch and hanging basket.

NARROW AND STYLISH DESIGN: Measuring 64 centimetres wide and 58 centimetres deep when open, maneuver through tight spaces with the low-profile Fold-N-Go Rollator; when folded, the rollator is self-standing and has a compact footprint measuring 25 by 28 centimetres; available in 3 fun, expressive color choices to fit your personality and lifestyle.