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Traxion Outdoor Rollator

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Product Overview

Take on troublesome terrain

This sturdy outdoor rollator will support up to 136kg in weight (21st 6lbs), so you know it’s built for comfort and durability. Those chunky treaded tyres give you more stability on uneven surfaces without losing control in busy or narrow places. And the ergonomic handlebars sit atop locking cable brakes to help you take on steep inclines.


A clever build for complete convenience

The Traxion is fully height-adjustable with a push-pin system for quick and easy changes, so you’ll always be walking in a way that keeps you comfortable and takes the pressure off your wrists and knees. If you struggle with your posture or your gait is affected by a physical condition, you'll find the Traxion a lot more comfortable than a traditional walking frame. And this outdoor rollator folds up with a quick pull on the seat handle, perfect for luggage racks.


Longer walks are back on the cards

On the front you’ll notice a spacious mesh storage bag for things like raincoats and water bottles. It slides off the frame, so you can use it as a shopping bag if you like. And when all the walking leaves you weary, you’ve got a comfortable seat and a supportive backrest to help you recover. So go on, take a hike. (We mean that in the nicest possible way.)